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      Sooo…anyone know how to reach out to Past “Senior Members” like Strings and Magwa and Daniel, Matt Strand and others??
      Is there any record of contact info from the old forum?
      As we seem to be unable to reach out through the Battle Star AGF maybe we can utilize “The Force” to make contact…..I’m really not that big a Star Wars geek.
      I’m retired and would be happy to contact if I had the info.
      Y’all know how that works…play a song-type an email- take a sip- play a song etc,etc,.

      1993 Martin HD-28 IR/Sitka
      2001 SCGC F Cutaway Maple/German
      2008 SCGC OT Madi/Italian
      2015 SCGC OM “The Tree” Hog/ European
      2016 SCGC 1934 D45 Braz/ Adi
      2016 Taylor K62 CE Limited Edition 12 string all Koa
      2019 SCGC FTC Granadillo/Redwood
      Life is a journey…not a guided tour,
      The Bay,The Gulf Stream , The Open Ocean are particular about who they share their secrets with.

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      Matt Hayden

      I’ve reached out to a few – Daniel, Bill, etc.  I know Daniel’s got his hands full with two kids and a very active music schedule.


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      We lost our house to a wildfire on Aug 30th. We’ve rebuilt and returned to our new house. I will be getting back into the swing of things in a few weeks musically.  I’d like to post a few tunes. Where in the forum do we post our music?

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        Theres a section called Recording Studio where you can post recordings you’ve made –

        Very sorry to hear about your loss –  I guess you’re one of the few who can actually answer – Which guitar did you grab as you ran out the door?

        Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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        A 1996 Taylor 812c with a Fishman under saddle p.u. This is one fine guitar.

        By the mid nineties Bob Taylor had a perfect mix of experience, availability of woods and quality control.

        By 2000 the overall quality of Taylor’s instruments began to decline. Taylor evolved into a mass production guitar riding the wave of it’s reputation it earned the decade prior. New 812 ce’s  don’t come close to the quality  of the guitars built in the mid nineties.

        From my point of view as a guitarist Richard Hoover has superior business model to Taylor’s. I suppose it all boils down to the money.

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      Hello everyone, I’m back here too, have missed this forum. I’m Larry McNaughton aka redtailedhawk, I live in London ON Canada and I have 2 Santa Cruz guitars. One is an OM-S and the other is a custom built 000-S, I posted pics on the forum a few years ago but I will re-post them once I get my feet wet here again.

      Hello to my old friends here and I look forward to meeting some new ones.

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      Old 97

      I am pleased that this thing is back.

      SCGC Dread Cutaway from 1981, I received it in 1982. Craftily constructed by Bruce Ross and Richard Hoover “ Otis B. Rodeo”, it has been through the mill with a new neck, three neck resets and refrets, but it sings like only an old lady who, while wrinkled, still has a clear voice and lots of charm.

      Built of Brazilian with a four piece back and Sitka top, the tapered braces give it a smooth, glorious tone while the bass is balanced without being over powering.

      I will shoot pictures when I return home soon.

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