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      Hi all,

      I recently purchased a santa cruz OM from 1996.   It sounds wonderful and is in great shape, but I am struggling to get comfortable with the neck.  I take it that it is a soft V or similar, but it is much thinner than I am used to.  I was looking for a santa cruz OM for a long time, but I suppose my question is whether all or most of SC OM’s have the same neck profile or whether I should sell/trade in search of one that is more comfortable for my hands.  Thanks very much.


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      Welcome Jegersen!

      Thanks for finding us, I’m sure you’ll get some great answers here, many OM players.

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      Acoustic Soul

      I have an OM Grand , I would think most of them come with the standard neck profile.  If you have a profile that you really are bound to, Santa Cruz can always do that for you.  When I got my first Santa Cruz I felt the same way, but it didn’t take me long to get used to it.  I think it comes in handy when playing in classical position especially.  You could definitely email Carolyn at the SCGC main email with the serial number and get the details.  She’ll let you know if it’s standard or not or how they were doing it in 1996.

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      I own an OM and an OMG, both purchased new within the last 3 years. They both have a soft V profile that I find very comfortable. I’m not sure if the neck profile has changed since 1996, but as someone mentioned, call Carolyn at Santa Cruz and she can provide you with the most useful information to help you decide if the OM comes in different profiles. The PW and Standard OMs (for example) might have different profiles.

      – Paul –

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      Santa Cruz has a number of “standard” profiles – everything from a very shallow C to a very pronounced V. Since many of their guitars are customized for the buyer or the shop ordering them, you can run into a number of different profiles – plus they do a number of truly custom necks –

      That said, it sounds like you have their most generic modified V neck – but I could be wrong. You can call the shop to confirm the neck profile on your specific guitar if it was changed in some way.  But yes, you probably would need to keep your eyes open for an OM with a different neck you could sell yours or trade for, or custom order what you want from them –

      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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      Old 97

      Find one you like.

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      Thanks for all the responses, all of which make good sense.  Much appreciated!

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      Matt Hayden

      Because I like my OM neck, I made a template…it helps with subsequent instruments.

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