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      Been searching for a few years – and it finally came up. All I had to do was wait until the seller realized my offer was about as good as it gets, ’cause there ain’t that many buyers as crazy as me – got here a few minutes ago –

      SCGC H (14fret) koa/sitka, 1-13/16 nut – can’t say too much about it, as it needs strings and serious attention, but even as-is I’m loving it-

      That is one way to pack a guitar – I’ll take more pics when I get it cleaned up and restrung –

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      oooooooweeeeee, a new one to play with! That is an unusual packing technique.

      – Paul –

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      KOA addiction.      I had a guitar arrive from Japan wrapped solely in bubble wrap @@!!

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      Tad, I just logged on after a couple of weeks of road trip and I see you are at it again !!
      PLEASE UNWRAP that poor guitar…let it BREATH and take a picture.

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      2001 SCGC F Cutaway Maple/German
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      Dude.  You are the king.

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      Had to give it a few days – it came from Hawaii, had that musty smell that was a combination of humid Hawaii, old bar room, and too long in a case.  Strings were green, but still sounded strangely good. Had intended to let it sit and acclimatize for a couple weeks, since I’ve had a couple guitars come from Hawaii, and the extra humidity doesn’t do anything good for them, tone-wise.  But – I’m just too impatient. So I threw on a set of SC lights and tuned it up – ehh, ok, not great – its buzzing all over. Needed to give the neck a bit of relief – it was dead flat. That helped alot. Give it another couple days – yup, sounding better, but still needs to dry out a bit more. And it could use a little love – dress the frets, clean it up, new saddle thats a less loose fit. Its got an active undersaddle pickup, sounds pretty good, but maybe it’d sound better without it? Can’t wait to see if I can get Stephen or maybe Gerard to do a little tweak on it – might try Bruce, who knows –

      But – its a wonderful H – such a great size, and the koa/sitka has a really nice warm tone. Not something that would rank on anyones top 10 list, but the kind of guitar you would feel privileged if you were stuck on a hawaiian island with it. And, this may be one that doesn’t love the SC strings – I’ll try another kind in a few months. And its got all the wonderful characteristics of an almost 30 year old SC – can’t tell you exactly what those are, but its a feeling when you pick it up and play it – hate to say it, but if new ones felt like this, I’d be so much more inclined to buy new – but too many like things “perfect” – 

      Now, I guess I’ll really have to try and sell one of the koa top Hs – my wife is bound to balance the Paypal account one of these days  – 

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      A nice little beauty. I had an H13 for a year or two that I never got on with. Great guitar, but I just didn’t connect. I’ve been thinking about an H since I sold it. You’re teasing. Enjoy your new guitar. It looks great.

      – Paul –

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      You know, I’ve not really bonded with any H13 I’ve tried, owned 2, and I’ve really tried with all the great reviews they’ve gotten, but they just don’t work for me. Now the H, especially standard scale with 14 fret neck, is somehow just exceptional to me, doesn’t have quite the bottom end of a slightly larger OM, but darn good enough, and the size/shape just feels great. Its either too generic to get much attention, or something, but I really keep my eyes open for these, and if they have that 1-13/16” nut, I stay on it until I figure out how to make it work. But I don’t think they made too many, cause they are hard to find. I have my Sonia, which is all that in Sitka/EIR, and a wonderful guitar, but I would still love to find one in mahogany, maybe with a euro spruce top. That would be truly yummy – but I obsess –   😉


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      The H looks pretty darn nice. Nice n curly back set.  Hang that thang up in the rafters for a few weeks let it drip close to dry.

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