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      Just picked this up last week. I ordered it with Carolyn’s help thru Mike at Sylvan Music. It’s a Vintage Southerner with standard woods but with my favorite spacings 1-3/4 & 2-5/16″, added purfling on the top, full back ‘burst all the way up the neck and headstock, and black tuning buttons. It turned out exactly the way I hoped in tone, playability, and looks. I love it. I’ve owned and sold three used SCGCs before this one, just had to figure out what I wanted and this is it. It was a tough wait but fun cuz I live and work just couple miles from the shop and was able to be a pest and visit it several times during the build.

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      Gorgeous.    Oh happy day!!    It’s fun being a local pest in the shop,  Enjoy,  The back burst is special

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        Thanks Chris. You know me-I went to your house and bought the orange Epi Swingster.

        Chris (too)

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      Incredibly sweet! Enjoy that beautiful guitar. What a fun experience.

      – Paul –

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      One of my favorite models and a sleeper in the line, you can buy an old Gibson and get some mojo or you can get one of these, get tonal complexity and add your own mojo…thanks for sharing

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        Yeah I have (well, my wife has) a 2008 J-45 True Vintage which I love the sound of but just can’t get along with the narrow string spacing. It led me to order the VS with the custom features. I tried to sell the J-45TV to raise funds for the VS but my wife saw me preparing it for sale and asked me what I was doing. I told her, she grabbed it and played it and said, “I’ll take it!” I’m glad it’s still in the family. The VS has a similar tonal balance and volume but adds endless sustain, tonal variation, and depth when fingerpicking. It will be interesting to see how the tone develops as the VS matures.

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      moo cow

      Sucker for a sunburst!!  She’s a beaut.

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      Beautiful guitar. Play it well and enjoy.

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      It’s posts like these that make me miss California.

      Play it in good health!


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      Thats really sweet!  Hope you bring it when we arrange a meet-up for everyone in SC!

      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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