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    Matt Hayden

    I bought a board of red macacauba grown in Brazil, resawed it, and am using it for a self-built parlor guitar project about the size of an SCGC size 1.

    This stuff, written about in a GAL journal  by a Brazilian maker named Roberto Gomes, is pretty amazing stuff.  It’s heavier than BR (BR is 52 lbs ft^2 vs 59 for macacauba) and rings like a bell.  It’s reddish, similar to bloodwood, but the color varies.

    It’s easily available in dead quartered planks and it machines and bends easily.  According to the article I read, it is stable in service (e.g., doesn’t crack).  Maybe it’s a good alternative to the rosewoods for the future.

    I’ll have the test guitar done by summer….hoping it is a good test case.


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    Matt Hayden

    And the latest wood in the stash is….persimmon!

    It’s an ebony, and it cuts and works like it.

    Got the bole of a fruit tree that was in pretty bad shape and have managed to resaw a couple of small back and side sets.  It’s about the same density as macassar ebony but lighter in color.  It’s pretty dry – the tree had been dead for a year or two – but I’ll let it sit for a bit and see what comes out of it.

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    Acoustic Soul

    Cool Matt!

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    Matt (The Windmill),

    Please post pix of the build in progress.

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    Matt Hayden

    I will, when time permits.

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