new (to me) tuning

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      OPEN G!  Holy plectrums Batman!

      I was today years old when first tried open G.  I think my life might just have changed.

      I may have to try my entire repertoire in open G.



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      Welcome to the G club Daniel….it worked for Muddy

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      It is so much fun. Aka taro patch .  Happy for you


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      Old 97

      Talk to Fran. He’ll give you the directions.

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      Matt Hayden

      Yep.  Learned it a long time ago.  Stuff works easily in it.

      Try Fahey’s Sunflower tuning, too – CGCGCE

      It’s remarkable how much works in it.


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      Do you need to swap out that low E? Tuning that far down with my current strings would be pretty rattly –

      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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      On a 24.5″ scale, C is about as low as you van get without resorting to Mike Hedges types of string gauges. 🙂

      Fun tidbit of info about open G: “Ohhhhhh.  THAT’s why Macawber* only has 5 strings.”  The low D gets in the way as often as not.

      Though I’m having a lot of fun with “Wayfaring Stranger” playing the Dm like this: 020233.  Fattest fretted Dm chord I’ve ever heard.


      *for those who don’t follow this stuff: Macawber is one of Keith Richards’ Telecasters.



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      Matt Hayden

      Micawber is named after a particular character in David Copperfield, FWIW.   He’s an honorable man in a dishonorable world.

      And yeah, I have taken the low string off too; it’s weird that it gets in the way, but it does.

      FWIW this thread had me playing Brown Sugar in Open G through my micawbered tele and DR until Beth told me I had to knock it off 🙂

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