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      Good Monday morning Richard

      I’m very happy to have just purchased SCGC’S 25TH Anniversary H601.

      I’d be very appreciative if you could enlighten me further on the build specifications and provenance story.

      Stunning guitar. The fretboard inlay and who did the work is especially of interest.

      Thanks Maestro



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      Richard Hoover
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      Dear Dig,

      I hope that I can dig up some records on this. maybe you’ll be so kind as to bring it by someday so that I can record its specs. Ill certainly let you know if I do come across the originals.

      I know for sure that I worked with the unrivaled Tom Ellis of Austin on the fret board inlay. My input, his fault for the actual execution. You can see his signature cleanliness of line and economy in his execution of this simple but elegant design.

      Have a s’wunderful Christmas Time!!

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      Thanks Richard. Mele kaliki maka. Bruduh.

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