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      We just had an opportunity to talk with our own dear Otis B. Rodeo (aka – Richard Hoover)  to catch up on the last 4 months, learn a bit about how he and the shop are dealing with the multitude of challenges they’ve had, and the very exciting news about .  .  .

      well – I won’t spoil it – head to the new Podcast section of the Forum and catch it for yourself!

      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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      Just watched…… I think this edition may have shown the best of all three of you and we who are members of the forum thank you for a wonderful thing.

      Great job .

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      Great episode, always great to see Richard.  It was interesting to hear his thoughts on the virtual NAMM show.

      Richard and Tad, thanks for all to work to bring us the podcast.

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      Thanks Tad and Rich for doing such an excellent job.  Mr. Hoover is truly the salt of the earth.


      We are so very fortunate to be SCGC players.  bert

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      What Bert said!

      Yes, thanks Tad and Rich—> and this time thanks to Richard. Love listening to him talk.

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      Slowly catching up on all the episodes! Most enjoyable and informative. Looking forward to getting up to date and listening to this one!

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