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      The boys and girls at SCGC have REALLY done some incredible work – the ancient Kauri, the Tree OM, but for me, the rosewood FTC steals the show –

      Really anxious to hear some sound clips from all these guitars, and need to figure a way to actually touch one – this is GAS in an unrestrainable way!!

      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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      Matt Hayden

      The ancient Kauri pine intrigues me.  When I was in New Zealand, the locals displayed a remarkable awareness of those trees – they’re HUGE and some of them are thousands of years old, and there’s a seven-foot cross-section of an ancient one in the Auckland Museum showing the age of the tree.   I’d bet it’d make a fine instrument.

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      Here are a couple of nice NAMM 2019 videos featuring interviews discussing SCGC guitars with Richard and Carolyn by Heartbreaker Guitars.

      – Paul –

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      I saw that today but haven’t been around my computer, thanks for posting that interview with the boss!

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      There’s this one too.

      – Paul –

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      All great people talking our favorite subject matter. SCGC guitars. Oh that Blackwood H13 The KOA w@w!!

      I could listen to Richard talk guitars for as long as he’s willin.

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      Black Beauty

      Not sure I feel 100% comfortable about the idea of ancient Kauri being on guitars. Besides being a protected species with spiritual significance to the native Maori (this is drilled into the NZ education system and in various museum visits), the Kauri guitars I’ve tried from local New Zealand builders (including Laurie Williams) seem rather quiet to my ears. Then again, it’s likely SCGC harvested these legally and is able to bring out projective tone from them with their voicing techniques, but it seems to go against their rationale for not using Madagascan Rosewood, as other builders such as Martin obtained it when it was technically still legal. I guess the NZ is not suffering from significant human rights abuses though.

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      Black Beauty……here’s SCGC’s statement from their web site…you can rest your head easy on the source of the wood

      “Our Wood has a Story: 
      Reclamation, Sustainable Yield and Responsible Harvesting.

      Downed trees, sunken logs, old tenements, building beams, master carpenter inventories… We find the most resonant, best-sounding wood possible by responsible means. Tonal qualities improve with age due to the resins that crystallize once the wood is removed from a living tree. We use this secret to enable our new guitars to possess a legitimate vintage sound from the start.”

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