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      Way back in July a forum member at The Gear Page posted some fuzzy pictures of a guitar in really horrible condition. Everyone said take it out and shoot it. He got so many responses he took down the post. Even through the fuzzy, I could tell it was a Gibson CF-100 E. I’ve been looking for one that I could afford for 25 years, I messaged the member and he graciously went ahead and bought the guitar from his neighbor for me, packed it and took it to USPS 2nd day Priority. 2 weeks later……. it left the post office where it must have been sitting in a corner and found it’s way to me. When I opened the box, all of the braces fell out of the guitar…..only a Gibson isn’t glued enough. There was some pretty horrible impact damage that had bondo and tape holding it together, somebody made it an 8 string, I showed it around to a few folks and everyone said it could be fixed but it wasn’t going to be easy or cheap. About 10 years ago my luthier had moved to New Mexico, when I walked out of the last person who looked at the guitar and just saw $$$$$ my phone rang, it was my friend and luthier in NM, we hadn’t spoken in a couple of years. I told him about the project and he took it on. Yesterday the guitar came back. Im over the moon with the work and the sound of my 52, As you can see the guitar had been made into an 8 string, with a broken headstock. I offer up these pictures of the journey, I’ve been playing it for a solid day, amazing work. All gratitude to Patrick and everyone who helped bring this dream to life. He’s the pic’s many more if you want. If your interested or have needs for this level of reconstruction, I’ll gladly share Patrick’s contact info.  He’s affordable, accurate, a stunning craftsman and a very cool human.

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      Man, you made lemonade out of a dang awful lemon… job well done Rich.  I admire you for taking on such a project. Those old Gibsons have their own vibe and I love em.

      I took on a 1959 all-mahog LG3 about 8-10yrs ago. It was not beat to death but played to death. The orig owner played in a duet with his brother on violin known as the Swing Masters for 40+ years. The LG3 knew every bump in the road. Nothin from nuttin, I refin the top, changed the tuners, re-glued a number of braces, replaced frets & sanded the fretboard…. on & on. Got it playing fine but no beauty queen.  Mazin, the neck was worn like crazy but never a reset and no reset in sight.

      The all-mahog was great for slide but got old after a few years and moved it out for a nice chunk of change.

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      Very cool Burt, this thing is a monster on tone……68 year old wood…good for the soul

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      Amazing restoration, without losing the vintage feel – too cool!

      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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      Matt Hayden

      Please do put up more photos – I’d really like to see that restoration.

      I remember seeing it on the day I brought my guitar in for repair…..glad yours is repaired and working.


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