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    I thought I might try Nashville tuning on my old martin HD-28.
    I know that one needs to use lighter gauge strings for some of the strings.
    The martin is strung with SCGC Mids now….would SCGC Lites work for the “Nashville” strings?
    are the chord fingerings the same as “Standard” tuning ?

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    You can get string sets that are Nashville, basically you tune the D A and low E up an octave   String Gauges: Plain Steel .010, .014, .009, .012, .018. Phosphor Bronze Wound .027   dAdddario EJ38H

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    Richard… are you saying that the DAddario EJ38H set is “NashVille”” as a set ??

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    Matt Hayden

    That’s how D’Addario describes ’em:

    I’ve used them and it’s preferable to gutting a 12-string set (IMHO).

    My favorite place to use Nashville tuning was on an old dreadnaught I rebuilt many years ago that was kind of fragile.  A former owner had shaved the braces way too far, and it couldn’t take full string tension.  Even with the rebuild, it was not really good at full tension – kind of tight – but Nashville sounded great.


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    Chris aka digdog

    I buy a set of 12string lights. And use the 1/2 of the set ,unison and octave strings. That way you get a extra bang for the$$spent. A Nashville set and a reg 6set.  Saves you a few bucks  .

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