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      Okay I have never owned a Santa Cruz. Played a few and they seemed okay. I have owned Collings, martins, and several other guitars. I was in Cotton Music a few days ago and a mint 1999 OM Sitka rosewood was sitting there. I picked it up and played it and never laid it down. It sounded and played like heaven. Didn’t hurt that it was mint condition as well. So was the case. model number 1343. Boy, I am a new believer. I had a 12k collings Brazilian with Adi that couldn’t TOUCH this baby.

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      Welcome to the family!

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      It’s so much fun when that happens….But be warned…That guitar will not be your last SCGC instrument.
      Also Welcome to the Forum. You’ll find the folks here helpful and very knowledgeable about all things Santa Cruz

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      2008 SCGC OT Madi/Italian
      2015 SCGC OM “The Tree” Hog/ European
      2016 SCGC 1934 D45 Braz/ Adi
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      2019 SCGC FTC Granadillo/Redwood
      2022 SCGC 000 African Blackwood/Moon Spruce.
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      Funny ive always thought santa cruz were a little like bougeous or whowever you spell it. I little tight but man this one sings. Its way better than my Brazilian adi collings that was triple the price.

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      SCGC makes great guitars. Good luck with your new guitar. My guess is there might be more coming. Great service too.

      – Paul –

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      Congrats on the new SC!  I was a Collings and Martin guy until I found my Santa Cruz OM too.  No looking back now!

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      I assume the OP is referring to Cotten Music in Nashville since their 1999 SCGC OM is marked as sold. When I lived in Nashville, Cotten Music was my favorite guitar store. I still go to their web site almost daily to see what’s in stock. Love the people and the vibe. Sold 2 guitars through them and purchased 2 guitars from them including my 1996 SCGC Tony Rice (Sitka over Indian rosewood like the OP’s OM). That guitar is currently at the mother ship having some work done (I’ll post more on that when I get the guitar back in the next week or 2 – fantastic customer service on the part of SCGC).

      Congratulations on your SCGC OM. I see one in my future.

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      EIR /Sitka is such an under appreciated combo, and in the hands of SCGC, it makes such an incredible musical instrument –  Thats really a keeper!

      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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      Welcome to the GANG

      So very cool when by happenstance a guitar just hammer’s you in the heart and you immediately know its homeward bound.


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      I have never really liked the Santa Cruz guitars that much  until I played the d p/w at Rudy’s music in New York. It was the last guitar I played while visiting the store and it really was the most amazing. I tried out a couple of Froggy Bottoms and old Martins but they were no match in my opinion

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