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      Looks like the F and the OMG are similar size guitars; what are the differences? Especially tone and intended style/usage?

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      Welcome Occ,

      I’m sure you’ll get the answers here. We’re a small but friendly group, again, welcome

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      Acoustic Soul

      That’s a great question Occimoron.  One I’ve investigated myself and played as much of each as I could.  Looking forward to hearing the answer from Richard.

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      Black Beauty

      I, too, look forward to reading SCGC’s reply.

      Based on my limited experience of playing one F model and two OMG models in the same store (all Sitka/EIR), it seems the F model has more brilliance, and the OMGs a bit darker.

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      Acoustic Soul

      The F I played had a very compliant voicing, what I put in was what I got out and I really liked that.  It sounded a tad smaller, but I’m sure it had old strings and was asleep because that shop hadn’t moved any SC guitars in a while.  The OM Grand seems like it adds a bit more voicing to the sound.  I’ve always been curious about their internal perspective and what guitar belongs to what kind of player

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      I’m also curious about the dimensions of each. I don’t see anything on the Santa Cruz site that gives the dimensions, like width of lower bout, body depth and length.

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      I own an OMG and here are the measurements for that model.

      OMG Dimensions
      Body Length 20″
      Body Depth 3-3/8″ – 4-3/8″
      Lower Bout 16″
      Waist 9-3/4 ”
      Upper Bout 11-5/8″
      Overall Length 20-1/16″
      Number of Frets 21
      Frets Clear of the Body 14

      – Paul –

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      Richard Hoover
      Senior Moderator

      Dear OCM,

      You may have noticed similar body size between OMG and F models. A difference here would affect EQ, the larger air space favors bass and the smaller treble. Brace manipulation and sound hole size also give us control over the EQ, or relative volume between bass, mid-range and treble. The OMG is standard with scalloped braces, which promote bass, while the F braces are tapered in a manner that brings the bass volume down to an even level with the other frequencies. This translates to the standard OMG being used for guitar styles that favor a predominate bass, like Bluegrass, Country and acoustic Rock. The standard F ‘s more even EQ lends it to Classical, Fingerstyle Jazz and more sensitive defined Finger Styles with open tunings. Think Celtic and the definition desired by the Acoustic Soloists.

      Don’t forget that we specialize in custom needs and this voicing of the EQ  can be used to reverse the above to deliver an F with a big bass presence or an OMG more suited to the even EQ requirements of a Jazz Soloist. All you have to do is ask.

      All the best,

      Richard Hoover

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