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      Looks like the F and the OMG are similar size guitars; what are the differences? Especially tone and intended style/usage?

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      Welcome Occ,

      I’m sure you’ll get the answers here. We’re a small but friendly group, again, welcome

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      Acoustic Soul

      That’s a great question Occimoron.  One I’ve investigated myself and played as much of each as I could.  Looking forward to hearing the answer from Richard.

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      Black Beauty

      I, too, look forward to reading SCGC’s reply.

      Based on my limited experience of playing one F model and two OMG models in the same store (all Sitka/EIR), it seems the F model has more brilliance, and the OMGs a bit darker.

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      Acoustic Soul

      The F I played had a very compliant voicing, what I put in was what I got out and I really liked that.  It sounded a tad smaller, but I’m sure it had old strings and was asleep because that shop hadn’t moved any SC guitars in a while.  The OM Grand seems like it adds a bit more voicing to the sound.  I’ve always been curious about their internal perspective and what guitar belongs to what kind of player

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      I’m also curious about the dimensions of each. I don’t see anything on the Santa Cruz site that gives the dimensions, like width of lower bout, body depth and length.

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      I own an OMG and here are the measurements for that model.

      OMG Dimensions
      Body Length 20″
      Body Depth 3-3/8″ – 4-3/8″
      Lower Bout 16″
      Waist 9-3/4 ”
      Upper Bout 11-5/8″
      Overall Length 20-1/16″
      Number of Frets 21
      Frets Clear of the Body 14

      – Paul –

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