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    On open question to the members. What are you using? I have several on my phone but might like a stand alone unit, anybody know about these? Tama Rhythm Watch Metronome

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    I have one built in to my D’Addario peg head tuner….if only I paid attention to it.
    My sense of rhythm is why I play by myself.

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    I use a Korg.

    The manufacturer isn’t important.

    What is important is that you take the time to practice with a metronome.


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    Funny thing, in 1967 I was in basic training at Ft Jackson, SC. There was a guy who could not keep time marching, had the entire platoon out of sync. Sgt recognized the problem, requisitioned a marching drum for him. He immediately forgot his feet and became the cadence leader of the entire company. no help but…


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    Funny story Bert. I’m working on my right hand and thumb like crazy, I wish there was a Marching Thumb!

    I bought the Tama used from a kid that used to work at SCGC, how funny he was on Craigs list and a surfer….what a world. It’s great, loud, you can adjust the volume of each note, simple to use and looks pretty rugged.  Eric Skye taught me the value of the right metronome, I think I found it and it has a headphone out so I won’t make my wife crazy!

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    If you just type “metronome” into Google, the top of the page is the Google Metronome. It’s as simple as can be and it has a nice wood block tone. I have that on all my devices now

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    Well after a a lot of  years I found the principle just as sound and also found peoples reaction to the idea of practicing with a metronome about the same as listening to a click track while recording. Not many are that disciplined but most are more accepting of a simple drum loop, even a cheap keyboard drum loop is more comfortable for most and gets the same job done. A better way to practice and record. 🙂

    Tom eh

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    Hey Richard!

    I use a Soundbrenner Pulse and it’s accompanying phone app.  The app is brilliant and free.  The pulse costs about $100.

    Very happy with both and anticipating new products from them.


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