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      Matt Hayden

      Anyone else spending a lot more time at the keyboard since the pandemic started?  Working from home, I work the hours I used to commute, so there’re some long days.

      I’m finding that it’s reducing hand flexibility for playing.  Been trying some gentle stretches to loosen things up but not making a lot of headway- they’re staying tight.

      Anyone else been there, have any ideas?

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      It’s kind of Hand Yoga Matt…do stretching every chance you get, motion is lotion

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      I was getting deep piercing pains in the spaces between my knuckles and my wrists.  They’ve largely gone since I left my job.

      I would say rest and stretching would be a good idea. But I’m not an expert.  🙂

      Stay well!


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      Dragon dictate?

      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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      I’ve been working my way through an adult piano method, not that anyone would want to listen. It’s good exercise for my aging hands. It seems complementary to guitar playing in a physical way, without being exactly the same. It’s therapeutic for me on a couple different levels.   Only problem is…time spent doing one takes away time doing the other.

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