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      My wife, and numerous friends, wonder why I have so many guitars – apparently, the “because I can” or “because I want to” are inadequate responses. So, I’ve decided to go through and really think about each one.  I know this will ultimately lead to some getting sold – but ultimately might just be some time off.

      Heres the first – this is D #4 – its been through a few owners over the years. It’s also been through house fires, camp fires, car crashes, extreme de-humidification, and just about every other calamity that can befall a guitar. Luckily, it’s been brought back to the mothership on more than a few occasions, and they’ve managed to patch it up and get it back to full playability. Some of the cosmetics are less than ideal – but the wear, the damage, the repairs, are all honest and reflect the rather hard life this instrument has had. And it still sounds very good – well aged koa and sitka, the early hand-cut inlays – it bears all the aesthetics that were refined into the incredible guitars we see coming from the shop today. But this one, in 1977, was special, a portent of better things to come  –

      Do I have better guitars than this? Of course! But how could I think of selling it – even if it is, just a guitar –



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      Wow! That’s a super cool guitar!!

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      Mr. Jelly

      That is cool! Thanks for sharing.

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      I know it can sing……If only it could talk !!!

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      Whoazer. Now that is a keeper close to the heart kind’ve guitar.  Nice Hank

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      Barber Derek

      It has great character, love the look of it.

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      Listening to Yo Yo Ma explain his attachment to his 266yr old Italian cello is all anybody needs to know about bonding with stringed instruments. Bonding with guitars is special is what I believe. amen, bert

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