Is Guitar Case Too Tight?

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      I just purchased a Karura Flight Case for my OM guitars. At 4-1/4” my SCGC OM is slightly deeper than my other brands and As a result, the Karura Case has a 3/8” gap that needs to be pressed close to latch the case. Do you think this will result in a fit that’s too tight and might damage the guitar? Or do you think the foam will eventually adjust as the guitar presses into the foam?

      – Paul –

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      Richard Hoover
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      Hi Hassome,

      I’m going oi give you an “opinion alert” here as I haven’t had a lot of experience with Kaura cases yet. Let’s assume that they follow a similar logic array as we did in designing our SCGC cases. That is to have an initial fit that is very snug and allow the padding to progressively conform to the precise shape of the guitar through successive placements of the instrument into the case. We dialed this in to work perfectly with each of our different models.

      Unfortunately, even with your photo, I can’t assume that the Kaura padding will compress enough to allow the lid to close without undue pressure on the guitar. I strongly suggest that you contact Kaura to find out what their target measurement is for the guitar’s depth at the tail for their OM style case and compare that to your SCGC OM at within +/-  1/16″ of 4.25 inches.

      If Kaura targets a Martin OM you should be OK. Martin claims a depth of 4 1/8″, though I’ve seen Martin OM’s vary to as much as 4 1/4″. This means you should be safe if you don’t try to store a song book or strap on the top of your guitar before closing the lid.

      All the best,                                                                                                                                                                                          Richard



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      I did hear back from Karura directly. They asked for the serial # of the case and determined it was built to hold a Martin OM at 4-1/8”, tightly. However, if the foam permanently compressed to fit the SCGC OM, it might not be so perfect(loose) for my other 3 OMs when I travel — unless I put a towel under those guitars. I was trying to “multi-use”.  Karura was great to deal wit. They were happy to send materials and directions for me to refit the bottom padding. It requires that I strip out the old mat and glue down a new one. It’s seems to be very uncomplicated. However, I decided  to leave the case as it currently exists. It fits perfectly for my 1 Bourgeois Signature OM (4”) and 2 Collings OMs (4-1/8) for travel. I really like the Karura cases. They are lightweight and appear to be  very rugged. They are one of the few companies that provide test data for crushing as far as I can see. I plan to order one specifically for my new SCGC OMG and perhaps another for the SCGC OM later. Those Ameritage cases are nice and quite durable, but I’m afraid to say — the heft of those cases are for young backs.

      thanks for your reply,


      – Paul –

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