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      As stated earlier on another post the F Maple /German is back home to stay.

      While on its’ trip out to California it picked up a new set of strings :

      Elixir 80/20 bronze 11/52 s with Nanoweb coating.

      They have (to me) a Jazz vibe so after playing it a bit I was inspired to see if I could fine the chords to my favorite all time song, Take Five by Dave Brubeck.

      Finding them, I also came across the above link and thought of Matt Hayden and thought he and the rest of my Forum Friends might enjoy the Video also.

      The album was one that my Father played endlessly on his “Hi-Fi” system made up of exotic components that I was NOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH…..which of course I did when he was not home !!!

      Anyway a piece of music history…hope you enjoy.



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      This is one of the clearest explanation/ demonstration of time signatures I’ve seen.

      as an aspiring conga player in the early 70’s the Cuban bell pattern/clave beat was an eye opener for me in finding the ONE downbeat  and being able to stop playing and then come back in on one using the Clave dance step ,shave and hair cut two bits,.    3/4, 4/4 and 5/4 patterns followed as I progressed.  Then Tablas entered the seen ,Badel Roy with the Paul Winter’s Consort hooked me.  Shakir Hussein floored me.

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