I Wish I could send this to my Western Friends and Relatives

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      It has been a wet summer here in northern France so far.  I expect we will have hot dry weather later, perhaps by the end of the month and then running into November.

      I am grateful we don’t have the heat that Canada and the Pacific Northwest are suffering, and like Hank, I wish we could send some rain your way to balance things out.

      My nagging fear is that as things contnue to warm, weather will grow ever more extreme and winter will simply disappear.  And at some point things will start to fall apart because governments will be unable to manage the sheer number of disasters and the imensity of their collective impact.

      The best we can do is stay as cool as possible and take care of each other.



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      Mr. Jelly

      Here in the center of the United States our weather has been ‘okay’ though it is different than it used to be. We haven’t had the extremes that the east and west has experiencing.  I do have some of the same concerns that Daniel has.

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      Old 97

      <p style=”text-align: left;”>A wonderful 113 predicted here in Buckersfield today.</p>

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      ouch.  My brain hurts just trying to remember 105 in Modesto.

      What do you do to stay cool/minimize the effects of the heat?

      68 and raining cats and dogs here in Laon.  It has been a rather wet late spring/summer so far.

      I bet when your heatwave finally breaks our weather will change too.


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      The NY Times and The Guardian are reporting heavy flooding in Liege area of Belgium and also in western Germany.  That’s about 4 hours west of here by car.

      We are getting so much rain that my basement is begining to get wet.  Local lakes and streams are overflowing their banks, but we’re not in as bad shape as Belgium and Germany.

      So there you go.   It has come to the point where we need to send the rain to the wetern US.

      We are meant to get some sun in the next few days.  I’m hoping the forecasts are right.


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      Old 97

      Daniel, I finally put AC In 2018. Solar panels last November.

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      Matt Hayden

      90s here in Niles.  But it’s a dry heat 😀

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