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      Hey folks,

      Over here in Ireland, the humidity is usually perfect for guitars (in or around 50%). We had a cold dry winter so I had to buy a humidifier.

      This morning, the sun was beaming into the guitar room and the hygrometer was showing 32% so I stuck the humidifier on but forgot to turn it off. Walked into the room and hour and I was greeted by a dense mist and the hygrometer flashing red lights! It was 92% – ahhhhh!!

      I immediately turned on the dehumidifier to take down the humidity gradually. My guitars are all relatively new… Does it take long for humidity to have an affect on a newish guitars?

      Many thanks!


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      Mr. Jelly

      I am not an expert. My experience is with the mid-west climate in the U.S. Here we have large swings often. My experience is that it takes a bit of time to hear the humidity effect in either direction. I would put it at about 24 hours +/-.  I am interested to hear what others think.

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      +1 on what Mr Jelly said, It is a much talked about topic with acoustic guitars. Guitar shops, builders, etc install high end systems to keep humidity in line. For the home not so much is needed.

      I live in the Atlanta area which can be very humid. I have a Frigidaire 50pt room dehumidifier (see pic) for high humidity during the spring and fall. The air conditioning in the summer and the heat during the winter do a good job, most of the time. In the winter I can turn on the whole house humidification system as part of the heating system if needed.

      I have a couple of Ambient Weather, low cost home hygrometers which I check the readout often.
      There are as many methods of managing humidity as there are players seems to me.


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      Thanks guys! It usually very easy to maintain the correct humidity so hopefully the one hour of extreme humidification won’t do any harm!

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      I have been bestowed with a few different humidity devices, I don’t use them, if anyone wants them PM me and I’ll send them to you.

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      Danny …all above good advice.

      We keep the Ramuda in a RH controlled cabinet and when playing inside the house AC is always about 50-55% so no problema.

      When we play outside the RH can be 90% . we play for a couple of hours….or until the sweat is making the strings rust out……then I put the guitar on a stand in the AC or back in the cabinet for an hour or 2…….again all is well.

      Play on McDuff !!!


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      Hahahaha! Thanks for the reassurance Hank! I’ll stop fretting over it now, pun intended! 😉

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