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      Matt Hayden

      In the Bay Area, we still can’t see the sun, but the sky’s less yellow/orange and brighter than yesterday.

      How is it where you are?  Anyone in the west seeing blue skies?


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      We have really low marine layer and it’s orange, there is a strange red dot in the sky

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      Matt Hayden

      The sun’s been really red today but we had a little actual sunshine.

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      I hesitate to say anything…  It’s blue and cloudless here today with a temperature of 91f (33c).  Fecking hot.

      I usually feel a sense of something like survivor’s guilt for watching from afar what you guys are going through.

      We have had a really dry summer for northern Europe.  I’ve got no grass left in the yard and the garden needs daily watering.  It ain’t just the tomatoes, pumpkins, and beets.  There are a few shrubs we use for screening that have started to wilt, and I water them now too.

      Point is, I’m happy to be here away from the smoke.  But in truth I believe you guys are going through now what we will be going through in a few short years.

      Stay well!



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      Matt Hayden

      We actually have real, if hazy, sun today. The cars are covered in ash.  We’ve rinsed them clean a couple of times on the weekend, but it’ll be a while before everything settles.  We were joking that we’d lay some eggs out there, let them get covered in ash, and have California-thousand-year cured eggs…..

      Got out on the bike and rode towards the bay yesterday (we have a trail to get there, so no cars to deal with).  The trail looks vaguely snowy from the ash fall and no rain, and bike wheels leave a trail.  Used the better mask after seeing that.

      You may be right – some years ago, Central and Southern Europe was hit by a heat wave that buckled train tracks.  If what we see here is any indication, the world is drying up a bit.   BART shut down yesterday for a bit both bc of computer problems and some heat-buckled track….go figure.

      Gonna take a lot of work to fix this old world, but I guess we don’t have a lot of choice if we want to keep living here 😀


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