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      Hi there, I recently purchased an SCGC 00 and have been trying to find a Hiscox case that will work for it. Unfortunately none of the stores around me have anything outside of dreadnought sizes so I’m not able to test it out in person. Based on the measurements, it seems like the Medium Classical size might work but would like be a little bit big around the upper bout. Does anyone have experience with Hiscox cases or any other heavy duty travel cases that would work with this size of guitar?  Thanks!

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      Welcome Dr…pull up a chair and pick a little  I moved this post over to general discussion. SCGC uses Ameritage cases for their instruments, I’m sure many here use Hiscox, a very fine case

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      Sometimes it takes awhile to get an answer from The Mothership on the Forum.
      If you need an answer quickly, call Carolyn at SCGC…She’ll know !!!
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      Unless they’ve used Hiscox cases, they may not have the definitive answer. But I’d definitely just call the shop and ask –

      Beyond that, if the measures all look good to you, I’d order it from a place that’d let you return it if it doesn’t fit the way you’d like –

      I know Eric Skye uses a Calton for his 00, and I’ve seen a 00 (not SCGC) fit nicely in a Visesnut case, but dealing with them has been pretty flaky.  Beyond that, its not a size I have much experience with, at least in aftermarket cases –

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      Appreciate the insight from all, thanks!

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      looks like your dreams can come true in the Mandolin Cafe for sale…no connection, just trying to help


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      Matt Hayden

      That’d need a little padding, but it’d be tough as nails, as Hiscox cases are.

      I have the Ameritage that came with mine, and it’s great – esp with the case cover that a friend was kind enough to send to me.  Looks almost new.



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