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      Very happy to learn of this new forum, don’t know who to thank for this.. but many thanks.

      In the late 70s I was living in Santa Cruz and ran across our beloved Mr. Hoover who tweak my D-18. Working for HP I moved around the country but never forgot my great time in SCruz. Time flew by and I happened upon a SCGC Tony Rice guitar in ~2000… became my go-to guitar for the next 6yrs. Later had a VS for a while, then settled in with a 2001 VJ.

      The VJ is my if “I only had one” guitar, for various color I also own a 2008 Collings CJ and 2013 Bourgeois 00.


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      Welcome Bert, As a VS owner myself, it’s quite a guitar, thanks for coming onboard

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      Thanks Richard, not sure how to post a pic… I use Imgur & normally just put in the BBC code link as in post above.

      I fumbled a time or two already, need a little guidance.

      So glad to know you’ve got this forum up.  bert


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      Hey bert!

      Great to see people finding their way back here – spread the word!

      Cant help with the pic, but when I grabbed the stuff between the tags and opened it in a new window, it sure looked great!

      Maybe the link thingies would do it?


      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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