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      Barber Derek

      Hi everyone, I just wanted to relate a recent experience that demonstrates the healing powers of SCGC guitars.  My mom passed suddenly at the end of 2019.  I visited Richard and Carolyn en FEB 2020 to spec a tribute guitar to my mom, the crowning feature was a piece of Sinker Redwood from the NOYO River up on the North California coast.  The North Coast is a special place to all of my family, and was especially beloved by my mom.

      Last month I went up to the North Coast to commemorate the 2 year anniversary of my mom’s death.  I went out to the mouth of the NOYO River where it meets the Pacific and I pulled out my SCGC 00 and spent a couple of hours playing songs I wrote for and about my mom.  I still feel the loss of my mom acutely but that day I certainly experienced the healing power of SCGC guitars.

      BTW: My friend and I finished a 9 song album all inspired by the love and loss of my mom.  My SCGC 00 is on every track.  The album is called “Brightmare” by Redwood Sky and can streamed on all the usual places, but can also be heard here if anyone is so inclined:




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      WOW Derick, thanks for sharing this, really nice

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      Barber Derek

      Thank you. Like everyone else I can get fixated on guitar specs, tonewoods, etc. but this was a great reminder of how sometimes the best thing about a guitar is the people it connects us with and how wonderful it is to express what is in the heart via 6 strings.

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