Happy Days

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      Its good to see that the forum is on its way back

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      Matt Hayden

      Yep – good to see you here!

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      I’m in! I’m in!

      Now that the bugs seem to be getting eorked out, I retract almost every disparaging thing I may have screamed about the mods and their possible parentge and the uncomfortable location I was thinking they could store their computer keyboards in –

      Now, to figure out pics – 😉

      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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      A pair of 00s

      – Paul –

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        This was just an attempt to post a photo. It seems to work.

        – Paul –

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        How did you do it Mate?

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      I clicked on the “mountain” icon in the reply window’s top menu bar. Then selected the magnifying glass to the right side of the “source” slot-window and this allowed me to browse my photos. I then chose an image from my photo file. I constrained the photo to 1000 x 600 in the lower slot-window in case there are size issues. Then I hit “submit” It seems like the moderator then has a look at it to ok the image.

      I don’t know if there are rules about sizing, etc. but it worked .

      – Paul –

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      Those sure are some pretty burst’s

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      Picture test

      My 7 month old Custom H13

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