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      Is it possible to order an H13 short scale? I’ve never seen one and it is t an option on the website. I feel like this would make the ultimate fingerstyle blues guitar. Also, when models are built shorter scale, are they built a little lighter to accommodate for the lower tension?

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      Welcome Hulme85,

      Thanks for speaking up. It’s an interesting topic and it’s open for discussion. Being an H-13 owner the magic in the guitar is the bridge placement and the scale length. And teh new HT-13 is simply stunning in sound and appearance.

      Again, welcome, thanks for joining the party

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      Mr. Jelly

      I have to admit I was eyeballing the H13s when last looking for a guitar but I will only have short scale guitars. I went with a SC OO. Maybe someday it will happen.

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        Yeah, what’s interesting about the 00 is the Gibson scale length rather than 24.9” Martin. If the 00 could be built with the H13 hybrid tapered/scalloped bracing and deeper body, then that would also be an option.

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      I offer up the Happy Traum interview….I was sold on only short scale as well, but the H-13 with is truly a special design and guitar, the bridge placement, the deep body…pure magic

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      I would suggest you try the H-13 Otis Taylor……..a blues beast.

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      Thanks for the replies. I agree the H13 is a blues beast. For me though, it begs to be played hard or flat picked. I’m looking specifically for a L-00 or NL style short scale guitar with more punch than a vintage 0-18 or 00-18. Even the Martin 24.9 scale length doesn’t get the same bluesy feel of the 24.75 and Gibson bracing. I recently purchased a Kopp L-02 14 fret. I love the playability and punch, but I think the trebles would be much sweeter with a 13 or 14 fret and also with the H13 hybrid bracing. Another SCGC option would be a 00 but with a H13 style hybrid bracing (for the punch) and a deeper, hopefully 4.5” or more, body— spruce over mahogany. There is also a luthier that goes by Circa that does a hybrid bracing, but I understand these to have a long wait and in the 10k+ range. I have been trying to keep my eyes open for a 12 fret early early 30s L-0 or L-00, but as we all know, finding one without issues and priced reasonably is becoming next to impossible.

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      Have you called the shop and asked? They may be able to make one easily – they have made a number of H12 and H14s, both paddle and slot heads, as well as the H13, and I’m pretty sure they’ve made short scale versions of those. Their standard short scale is 24.75” – I don’t think they started building a 24.9” scale until Eric Skye requested it for his signature model, now they’re tooled for it, so they may be able to offer it on other models as well. And I’m not sure what options there might be for body depth – they’ve made a few deep body models, so I’m not sure if it’s an option for any model. They also have done cutaways on a bunch of models, so thats an option too –

      so between body size, body depth, neck join, cutaway, and scale length – especially with the H model – I have a feeling they could successfully build most anything you ask – but you won’t know for sure unless you make the call!

      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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