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      I know…. not the tradition but I saw a BLUE maple  thin line that was simply stunning….thoughts on colors?

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      I like colors!  But, I have to admit I’ve not bought anything with color, but that may very well have to do with not finding one.  I really liked some of the decorated guitars that were done by Peter Cree, and if I had felt myself with some extra money at the time there were one or two I would have bought in a heartbeat. Too many of the decorated guitars are too machine decorated looking – something that was done by hand, with the appearance of an artists touch, would be extremely appealing to me.

      It would be extremely interesting to see if Richard could collaborate with a good graphic artist to embellish a SCGC or two (or 6) with some custom decoration while in the white (sealed) then getting the nitro applied. Maybe they could just do the sounboards before being glued onto the body?  Hmmmm  –

      for those interested –

      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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      This is one of the frozen Spruce SCGC’s, it’s not a color but it was a color I’ve never seen before

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        That is a beautiful guitar. How is the sound?

        – Paul –

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      Matt Hayden

      Probably couldn’t do the soundboards before being glued on – there’s sanding and fairing that takes place to get the binding and whatnot smoothed.  But it could be done after a spit-coat base of vinyl sealer, maybe.

      Color-wise, I’ll just take dyed purling lines and the colors of abalone etc….

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      I think that was a guitar from NAMM 2017, maybe Mr Hoover will remember…the top had been frozen for something like 2 billion years, I hd never seen the color before, it sounded like it was from another planet

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      Any pictures of “Blue Moon Spruce” ?

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      That frozen spruce is a very cool colour.

      I like my acoustic guitars to look like the material they are made from.  It’s a sort of visual unplugged-ness.

      I do have a mandolin with a black top, and I ordered it that way.  Not sure why those are an exception for me.

      I prefer definite colours on solid body instruments.  Electric mandolins need a bit of splash because they’re small, so I have those in TV yellow, sea foam green, and gold sparkle.

      You know what? If SCGC had a brilliant sounding piece of really ugly spruce, I’d go for a Skye sig model with a coloured top and fancy binding.  Blue maybe or TV yellow.  🙂


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      moo cow

      Give me sunbursts, dark bursts, honey bursts or tobacco burst or give me natural.  I just can’t get down with non-earthy colors.  Call me traditional.

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