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      Mixolodian chromatic and recovering with grace is a good description.     I’ve been following some of the current Dead tour post’s. And have watched and listened to JM doing his take /solos on classic tunes.. At the beginning it was kind’ve   Well,,,,,  not quite JG feel, more blues guitar riffing.    But as time has passed JM has had some brilliant moments.  The whole band seemed to meld into it’s zone quite sweetly.  Eye’s of the World   Is one of the solid examples.   I’ll try to locate that clip and post

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      Participant  Another example   Could not find the right Eyes Of The World

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      I’ve never been a fan of Myers……until now.

      He really does “Get IT” at least with Wolf.

      I don’t know why anyone would be frustrated because they can’t duplicate the solos of JG……Hell, I don’t think HE EVER played a song the same way twice.

      Dee had some of her local jam band over the other day and I sat in and asked if they wanted to do “Friend Of The devil”?

      I played rhythm (and sang) and another played lead and another bass……..we played the song for about 10 minutes.

      I would guess that about 5 minutes sounded like the real deal…..then we just went our own way…..I think JG would have approved the improv jam.




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      Definitely off into the either. Sometimes it works. For Jerry most frequently it did.

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      Matt Hayden

      The Dead were pretty good at letting the music take them where it wanted to go.   Sometimes the song was shorter and arranged, and sometimes it branched out…..both work, just different ways of approaching the tune.

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      Old 97

      I never saw Jerry look at his guitar neck. He was always looking straight ahead the dozen plus times I saw either the Dead or the Garcia band. My bands King Crab, Dwarf Rat, Lima Bean Wrist Rocket, The Huckleberries/Dead Country, have been playing the Dead catalog since 1975 when were in college. With a pedal steel player now, we really twist it sideways. Dark Star was my intro to playing Mixolydian. Plenty of songs are Major Pentatonic with Chromatic runs and doses of blue notes to connect phrases. One series of phrasing actually reminded me of a John McLaughlin’s ever changing riff patterns  with Mahavishnu Orchestra.

      Jerry was always searching for the sound, finding it more often than not.

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