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    I own 4 acoustic guitars on two continents, including my SCGC dreadnought.  I have 2 F5 style mandolins, a A style octave mandolin, and an A style mandola.  I have not played any of these things in more than a month.  I have been obsessed by my electric instruments.

    Th G5 is getting a lot of playing time, but my JBovier EMC-5 is currently plugged in to two Marshall amps and I am re-evaluating my pedal board!

    I’ll be 54 years old in 2 weeks.  What the hell?

    I’m getting rid of the Boss Chorus CE-3 (Japanese made 1986).  But I’m keeping the flanger. It’s kind of cool to run stereo and hear the wash move left-right-left-right.

    My Super Overdrive, a pedal I have loved for about 30 years, now seems a bit over the top.  I have the drive turned all the way down.  I should probably replace it with a Blues Driver.

    I’m still thinking about reverb and tremolo units, and at this point I kind of miss my old (1965) Fender Bandmaster head for its too cool tremolo unit.

    I’m on the fence about the looper pedal.  I can see the practice applications in it, but I’m not sure how committed I am to that.

    Toward what end? you ask.  CD #3 is still in the works.  Two songs (Vacant Chair and Being a Boy) need solos, and the timbre of the record is more electric than before.  So the solos need to be electric.  I’ve been spending most of my time writing/practicing, rewriting/re-practicing them; searching for tones that are unusual for the genre (whatever it may be) but still work within the context of the song.current pedal board



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    Cool Daniel,  Look at a Soul Food instead of a Blues Driver, a little more Klon like, I have a small sonocake looper, 25 bucks, great for practice, really small on the board

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    Thanks Richard!  Will do!

    (Have been toying with the idea of adding “John Barleycorn” to the CD.  I played it 30 years ago in a prog/jam band I was in while living in Davis, CA.  Recent Youtube version by Steve Winwood brought it back.)


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    Never enough Overdrives Daniel, Check out a Timmy and a Zen Drive, plenty of BYOC as well for a lot less money if your handy with an iron. Next Strymon for time effects, it’s the total bomb

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    Old 97

    I have a Zen Drive and a few others I put away since the ZD is just better.

    1982 SCGC Dread Cutaway Brazilian/Sitka

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