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      I’ll share this, heck I can’t believe he named this tune the way he did. Enjoy this and don’t miss the 3 FOUR string bends near the end….if you don’t own the cd buy it. For those interested, it’s recorded with 2 AKG-214s directly in a Tascam DR70 and then mastered in the studio…sounds great I think

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      FOUR STRING BENDS AND HIS FACIAL EXPRESSIONS SAYS IT ALL. GOOD STUFF.  Complex and moving reminds me of someone. Nice tribute Index

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      I love the way you frame an image Richard.

      And E, you’re brilliant as always!


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      moo cow

      just wow.


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      Moo Cow    check these two as well and search out his Deep Dives as well unreal talent

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      Hey.. Shouldn’t these be on the recording studio page ??
      You know, Right next to my post so they can be compared side by side…Oh Wait HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH..OH MY HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… SOMEBODY STOP ME …..HAHAHAHAHA… WHEW !!!

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