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      Greetings Pickers!

      Well, all the other forums have models, so why not us? I’ve spoken to the mothership and they are way on board with this, help us with special materials and all the behind the scenes bits, so here goes:

      We, as a group design a guitar, we pick the wood, the size, the appointments. When we agree SCGC will help us find a dealer/dealers who will complete the order and deliver the guitar/guitars.

      I’d say we go for something way outside the box, like a CF-100, hog body, spruce top, no electronics, I offer this image from the internet as a first look/idea….we can have some fun here

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      This should be good fun!

      – Paul –

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      Maybe a Small Jumbo model with a size & form resembling this, but making it SCGC through-and-through???

      – Paul –

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      13 fret F with cutaway bare bones spruce n mahogany

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      That’s NOT an Olson is it? It might be a bit pricey……Chris interesting but we’ve talked about that before here’s my wish list

      pyramid ebony bridge, ebony board, paddle head, 1 3/4 nut, 2 5/16 saddle spacing, SCGC Inlay at the 12th fret, Tony Rice style headstock overlay, enlarged sound hole, deep body

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      Yes it’s an Olson, but I’m only thinking about using the model/size/shape, not the bling, to guide a SCGC build. I’m just thinking out loud.

      – Paul –

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      An OMG might be of interest to a lot of us. Something simple but elegant. Old Hog and Moon Spruce with Snakewood binding and SW Button tuners.

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      Old 97

      Flamed Mahogany and Adirondack.


      slot Head 12 fret 00

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      Matt Hayden

      I’d vote for a 00 cutaway, 14-fret, long scale. Sitka/Indian or mahogany would be fine….

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