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      Matt Hayden

      Ok, so we’re all in social isolation and social distancing and such.

      Good time to play your guitars, right?  Of course?

      Of course, this is when you discover your newest guitar needs one of its very rare truss rod tweaks.

      ….and you discover that you don’t have enough 1/4” extensions to do it.  And I have a lot of tools.  A VERY lot of tools, as those who know me will attest.

      So off I went to the hardware store – essential business, right?  – and they’re only doing curbside service.  Fine.

      They’re out of 1/4” adapters.  Go figure.

      I thought about Home Depot, but when I got there, the crowds were more than I was willing to deal with.

      So I went on a bike ride instead of adjusting the truss rod. Figured I’d do it later after I’d ordered something from Amazon or the like.

      Five miles into the ride, I see something shiny on the side of the trail.

      ….a 3” 1/4 extension.  With, seriously, a 5/16” socket.    (Insert eerie sounds here).

      Sometimes the world comes through.   And now the 00-29’s neck is properly adjusted again.

      I’m going back out for a ride today to see what else I find….

      /mh, stir-crazy in Northern California.


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      Many years ago while driving through the Inter-mountain ,late at night, with the only companion the AM Radio voice of  Art Bell .

      I’M sure he could have explained it.

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      Tweed deedle tweedldum. Man talk about cosmic vibrations…We are not alone here in the Cosmos.

      Now back to watching Ancient Alien Astronauts.  Killer story Matt H.

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      Matt!!!!!!   Wonderful story, I have to say that when those things happen, it’s really magical and part of the big mystery just letting us know that the big mystery is still tuned in to us…….

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      For those of us not in the know of who Art Bell was…here ya go…thanks Zorro…I wonder if this guy knew Hunter S Thompson  Cause of Death: Accidental drug overdose






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      Good vibes there Matt, what a fortuitous concatenation of events.

      Zorro, never heard of Art Bell either but made me think of Art Pepper, who also died of an overdose.

      I’ve read way too many Michael Connelly novels for sure, in several he weaves and describes Art Peppers jazz sax so vididly that I had to download a couple of his albums. Boney James and Euge Groove are most always on my playlist, have a large sweet spot for jazz sax. Reading around about Art Pepper I found that most people only came to know of him through Connelly’s novels.  so anyway,

      I’m chillaxin, what virus…

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      Matt Hayden

      Never heard of Art Bell but I’m digging deep now.

      The universe is out there….

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      Sometimes the Universe provides.  🙂

      Wish I could go for a bike ride!  They’re currently illegal here and carry a 135 euro fine.

      Stay healthy!


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      Daniel,   My bike ride is one of the best parts of the day, hope we don’t lose that as well.

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      Old 97

      I put the blues band on my front porch to play for all who passed by. Within 30 minutes, the sidewalks and street had neighbors and others from nearby blocks enjoying free music. In between songs we kept announcing the six feet apart rule.

      I started with my Tele and switched to the PRS Gold Top Double Cut with Soap Bars plugged into a PRS 50 watt H series tube head. I got a fatter tone and loosened up. Requests came from many folks to play every Sunday for the duration of isolation.


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      Thats an amazing story Matt – did you buy lottery tickets before you got home?

      my wife has suggested playing my guitar on the front porch instead of in the living room, but I hadn’t taken her seriously – have to rethink that if the weather gets better –

      meanwhile, I’ve taken the time to update the guitar inventory, and to start going through drawers and boxes of tools from flea markets and garage sales, and organizing books – anything to avoid the reality of whats going on out there –

      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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      We are blessed to have 13acres and all the horse sh-t manure fertilizer we need to grow our own food.  Hard labor never ends around the farm.  Might have to plug in to the SWR CA BLONDE to entertain the neighbors and horses and coyotes.

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      Matt Hayden

      I’m going to play on the front patio when the weather improves.

      Daniel, we can still ride on the creek trail, but with distance.  It’s my saving grace and I stay away from other people.

      i can’t wait for this to be over – missing playing with people fiercely.



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      I’ve always been an early riser, but my father-in-law was a very early riser. When we’d visit him in Colorado, I would get up around 5:30-6:00 and he’d be sitting in the living room with one small table lamp keeping the living room in half light. He’d be wearing a set of headphones and a smile as he listened to Art Bell every morning. That was my introduction to Art Bell. By the time I got up my FIL had finished his first percolator of coffee and he would reuse the grounds to make a second pot for me. I miss my FIL.

      – Paul –

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      Matt Hayden

      The universe apparently has a sense of humor.

      Yesterday’s ride found a bent, backwards, slightly squished 10mm on the side of the road.  Go figure. The universe is telling me to adjust my truss rods.

      I also have no idea how to use this – I’ve never seen a 1/4” to 1/4” female coupler, though they must exist, otherwise this would be useless.

      If this keeps up, I won’t need Christmas this year.

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      Somewhere in the Bay Area a budding luthier has been nipped.  He’s casting his tools to he winds.  Follow that trail!



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