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      Matt Hayden

      Just refretted one of my guitars – not an SCGC – with EVO.

      Just…wow.  It’s a little harder to work than nickel silver, but when it’s done, it’s smoother when played. Bends seem smoother, maybe because the metal is harder and doesn’t generate as much friction as nickel silver.  Bruce Sexauer says that he sees less fret wear with EVO than with normal wire….

      I can’t hear a sonic difference at all. The only real differences are higher and level frets, which are almost always a good thing, and the slightly gold color.  Seems like a good change, and I may do it next time I get my OM refretted – which is still a ways in the future, but still.  Guessing it’ll be a standard before too long.

      Anyone else have experience with it?

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      I hope to refret the Martin HD-28 next year with EVO. i assume you did the refret yourself. I don’t have your luthier talents,so I’ll have to have it done by someone.
      Do you have a guess of what a refret with EVO might cost?

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      EVO frets are making a really big noise in the mandolin community, pricy but appear to be the real thing…can’t wait for updates Matt

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      I have them on my Goodall and like them a lot.

      – Paul –

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      Matt Hayden

      I’d guess it’d be $4-500 for a refret, give or take, for a good repair person.

      It’s not that much harder to work with than nickel, and it doesn’t deform nearly as much when installed (I have an arbor press and curved cauls), so a well-trued fingerboard leads to frets that are a little taller because they need less filing.   They don’t seem to scratch up on the top of the crown from playing, either….

      I have a nice small all-solid-but-not-valuable mando that needs frets, and I’m thinking that EVO is a no brainer for it. 20’ radius on the board and biggish frets sounds like fun.

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      Old 97

      I have them on my Brondel acoustic and electric. My favorites by far.

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      Frozen Rat

      Ditto. They are on my Goodall and are fantastic. If there’s any sound difference, it’s to the positive, not the negative.

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