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      Hey guys, I just got a Tony Rice model with a german spruce top, and I’m pumped to say the least! I was going to order an elliot capo, but when I tried my paige I had laying around, I noticed that due to the angle of the headstock meeting the fretboard that it can’t sit behind the nut like I’m accustomed to doing. Does anyone have one of the capos with the small saddle and could comment on whether or not that will rest behind the nut of the guitar? I’m going to buy one of their capos regardless, but I’ll change my order if that design can rest behind the nut of the guitar. Thanks guys!

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      Welcome Reely,  I’m sure you’ll find an answer here and again Welcome

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      I love my Elliott capo.  I’ve had it for umm… 15 years.

      Things is, I don’t store it behind the nut.  I could do it on my mahogany dread, but I really don’t like to hang anything on the guitar.  (I take the tuner off after tuning too!)

      Sorry if that doesn’t help.  🙂


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      I have 2 Elliots. A 2 5/16 and a 2 1/2 TR model.
      I use the T.R. up the neck on my 34 Zorro and Martin HD-28.
      If you are going to use the capo on your T.R. then I STRONGLY suggest you order the T.R. Elliott Capo.
      It will sit behind the Nut ( although I don’t) and it will provide a bit of contribution ($) to mr. Rice.
      I do the same as Daniel….I don’t like anything on the guitar while I play……except of course any KARMA that might be hanging around

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      Thank you guys so much for the responses. I was looking for the T.R. Elliot, but I do not see it listed on the website, though I recall having seen it in the past. I assume they no longer offer that as an option.

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      Call them and ask about the TR capo. They are a delight to chat with. The TR was offered as a limited edition of 1951 (Tony’s birth year, mine as well) a few years ago. Each was serially numbered. At the time, you could request a specific number (if available). Mine has the same serial number as my ’90 TR. Each capo has his well recognized signature engraved on it as well as the #. The TR capo is beautifully crafted and is a pleasure to use. I treasure mine and it will stay with my TR ‘Cruz. It was good to know that some of the payment would go to Tony as well.


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      the Tony-signature capo had to be withdrawn from production looooong before they had 1951 orders (plus prototypes that were available).  i have (and use each) one of each size, including the “original-size” based on tony’s original (which had been made for the Gretsch neck on the ’35). when i asked Connie a couple of years ago why it wasn’t offered on the site anymore, she would only say that they had to stop selling them.  my guess is that Tony had a problem with the specifics of the deal.  Zane Fairchild, friend of Tony’s who had worked tirelessly with Elliot  to get this special project done to honor and benefit Tony, did it unbeknownst to Tony as a surprise.  Tony loved his capo when he got it (SN 1951).  my guess, having done some things with and for Tony over the last 10 years or so, is that he soured on the deal using his name.  than’s just a guess.  a similar thing happened with the “foundation” that was formed in florida to benefit him.

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      The capos were discontinued at Tony’s request. When Tony asked for a price decrease on his line of capos….they said absolutely not…..They didn’t want to make a compromise on the pricing. Tony wanted all of his fans that wanted a capo like his to be able to afford one. Unfortunately at $235 a capo not that many could spend that kind of money.

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