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      Matt Hayden

      At Gryphon’s 50th celebration last weekend, I bought one of the new Taylor Crelicam ebony slides on a whim.  I honestly thought it would be too light, but it sounds surprisingly good and the light weight makes it easy to move around the neck…..check them out if you get a chance. I’m hoping they won’t wear too fast with steel strings.

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      Cool Matt…I was wondering about them, thanks for the review

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      Matt, what tuneings do you use when using a slide……all open?

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      Light weight slides are for the timid. Had to go through a pinky weight lifting program to handle the Clayton Pork Knuckle… a manly man slide:

      pork knuckle

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      I tried to use one of those without the program Bert….the thing went flying out of my hand and almost blinded somebody, it could break a toe…..no bare feet around that slide

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      Matt Hayden

      I use DADF#AD (open D), DGDGBD (open G), and CGCGCE (John Fahey’s ‘Sunflower’ tuning)

      It has a lot more sustain than I expected. I usually use a glass slide that’s over 1/4” thick, and this gives it a run for its money.


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