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      Old 97

      I have used them before. My Dread came from the Mother Temple with SCGCParabolic Mediums. They sounded great tuned down. Getting them back to Standard pitch they were a bit too stiff.

      I had a set on my Brondel which I replaced a Thursday with the D’Addario lights. Great sound, but still a bit stiff.

      I put a set of the CLs on my Northwood L OO. It has the same hard to access truss rod the SCGC guitars do. I just haven’t been able to “ find the hole” as it were. Action jus a tad too high,

      I just put the Custom Lights on Old 97. It feels just right for the 3 hour gig tonight.

      After 50 years of playing, I discovered that my hands were great after retiring from teaching where I spent much of my day on the computer keys which was killing my wrists. Now, playing in two bands and a duo, I find the pain is returning.

      I hope these Custom Lights are more accommodating.

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      Another advantage to custom light’s, 11-52. Is that they more frequently will add a certain boost in the mid’s sparkle n chime which I like.  Getting old is for whuusses. What dat……

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      Matt Hayden

      I hear you.  With computer work and lots of playing and twenty more years on me and the guitar, my hands don’t hold up.  Had to work hard to get through a four hour show at a party today; my hands were worn out from the last couple of days of playing.

      Still using SCGC lights.  I may go lighter at some point, too, and the CLs might work.

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      I dunno Matt H., I prefer getting old to the alternative.

      People say kids will keep you young.  That’s utter BS.  I am reminded of my age most days.



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      Matt Hayden

      Daniel, Every day above ground is a good one.  I have to remind myself of that when my hands hurt, which is most of the time now – seriously, this much time on a keyboard plus a guitar has deleterious effects.  I’m gonna have to quit one of ‘em, and I’m hoping I can afford for it to be work.

      My next-door neighbors’ kids, who are basically pretty good, did lay into their parents with an “OK, Boomer,” or three last week.  Mom was teary-eyed, I think, less bc of the phrase than being reminded that she’s reached five decades worth of [wisdom|hot air] depending on your viewpoint.  We had to make her a hot toddy and feed her cookies to cheer her up.

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