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      Mr. Jelly

      Last night I had the pleasure of watching Catfish Keith perform at an out door event on a beautiful summers night. He played several different guitars but the standout by far was the Santa Cruz Catfish Keith Special. An all mahogany single 0 guitar. I don’t have much experience with single 0 guitars and of coarse I had my thoughts about them. This is the best sounding acoustic guitar from a stage I have ever heard, period. The snap and tone from the low E string would put any dreadnought to shame. It has a clarity and has a thick well balanced tone across the spectrum. Keith favors playing some on the high e string and his all hog guitar served up some sweet and thick e string tone. I fell in love with the guitar there is no doubt. And as always Catfish put on a great entertaining show fingerpicking those blues.

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      Catfish has it ALL Go’in On.

      There is a whole lotta “Southern Delta” in that man’s Soul.

      First heard him at the SCGC 40th weekend………I was grinning during his whole set.

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