Can the Janis Ian model handle GHS medium 013-056 gauge strings?

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      Just got this guitar and would like to try the mediums on it for some open D tuning.

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      Richard Hoover
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      I don’t mean to be self serving, but I am going to recommend Santa Cruz Mid tension strings over the E17 mediums. The SCGC will distribute the tension more evenly and will give you near equal volume without excess tension to the top. It is very important to adjust your action to counteract the added pull of heavier strings. Before you change the strings; measure the string height at the 12th fret. That is your target for string height via lowering the saddle from the bottom with Mid Tension strings, IF your neck relief is within tolerance. Check here for instructions: http://www.santacruzguitar/careandfeeding.

      Without taking these precautions, the increased tension from added string height can distort your top or compromise structure. We can schedule you for this service here or refer you to someone closer to home if you’d like. Best to call us at 831 425 0999. We will be at the Winter NAMM in Anaheim from 1/24 to 1/27.

      All the best,                                                                                                                                                                                           Richard


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      Hey Richard, Mahalo for the information, after measuring using your instructions looks like I’m good. I actually ended up using ghs vintage bronze .013-.056. Will give your strings a try next to compare affect of neck, btw the neck feels like nice Les Paul.


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