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      Please Note that any transactions and communications that take place in the ‘Buy and Sell’ section are at all involved parties sole and exclusive risk, and Santa Cruz Guitar Company is not involved in or liable for any sale, purchase, transaction or communication.  Buyers, sellers and traders on the SCGC Players Forum should do so at their best judgment when entering into any transaction, and be fully aware that they might be contacted by both members and non-members of the SCGC Players Forum. Sharing contact information and any communications in regards to the buying, selling or trading of guitars on the SCGC Players Forum is beyond any control of Santa Cruz Guitar Company, and therefore Santa Cruz Guitar Company is not responsible for any buying, selling or trading that results from these correspondences. All transactions should be entered into with care and caution, and personal information should never be given out without understanding the risk in communicating over the internet. Santa Cruz Guitar Company is not responsible for any transactions, correspondences or posts or issues involved with any transactions, correspondences or posts. The moderators of the Santa Cruz Guitar Company Players forum are volunteers, and are not employees of Santa Cruz Guitar Company. They are also not responsible or liable for any sale, purchase, transaction or communication that takes place on the forum.

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      I’m in the same situation myself. Just received a used ompw a week ago. I was disappointed when I heard such a mellow tone initially. But I have really grown to love it. It’s not loud and that bothered me also but realized I don’t need it to be.

      I am curious about the responses to the ops question because I felt the same the first couple of days.

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      Acoustic Soul

      I’ve been on the forum a while… maybe 8 ish years or more.  I haven’t seen too many RS models, and maybe just a hair more OOO deep bodies.  Does anyone ever come across these santa cruz guitars?

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      They are out there randomly for sale .   000 more so than RS models.

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