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    Acoustic Soul

    Hey Richard!

    I did a really interesting experiment with an Abel Armrest that I recorded on my iPhone and some very dry playing and put it on YouTube.

    I noticed that everything sonically just kind of made more sense to the player and listeners (tested with wife and local tech and guitar shop employees a week or two ago).

    I’ve never really discussed my posture, ergonomics, or technique much with anyone or had any comments so I could have an improper habit that I’m unaware of in regards to how much I hold the guitar with my right arm… I wouldn’t say it’s anything more than a normal situation – perhaps less since I’m a thin dude.


    When the shop is building a guitar and putting the conceptualized sound into action via joining everything together and the voicing, is the factor of the elbow dampening the soundboard put into consideration?  At first thought, it would seem like it obviously would be…. but I thought about luthiers and how much variety there is between players and thought maybe not.  I then conducted this very crude experiment and the results pointed more towards the guitar being voiced without consideration to how much dampening will occur.

    I concluded this because the voice of the guitar seemed more accurate/honest to it’s concept and musically was more appealing to my wife, tech, guitar shop, and impromptu audience with the armrest on and thus the arm dampening eliminated.


    I thought this made a fascinating question though…. what type of dampening, if any is applied/considered onto the guitar during that or any other part of the build coming from the player’s body?  Not something I’ve ever heard discussed!

    Does someone stand 8 feet away to also listen so it’s not just from a player’s perspective?  Or is there a spectrograph or something to check the ears of the person near to the instrument?  I know the lowest notes on guitar take about 8 feet to fully form right?

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