back to live playing…..sore hands?

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      Matt Hayden

      Anyone else finding that getting back to live playing is causing sore hands?

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      Mr. Jelly

      I don’t do long shows now days. When I did the mussles in my hands would get sore. I’d have to stop playing for a couple of days afterwords to recoup. Even then it seemed like my hands were always a little sore.

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      Matt Hayden

      I did a four-hour thing on Friday….wow.  It really was effortful.  The music was easy but the aftermath is painful.

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      Old 97

      I practice every day. Band rehearsals twice weekly. I’m honed and ready.

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      1/2 Hr. …4 hrs……..all the same when your hands are 75 years old……They hurt about the same all the Time.

      I play about 2hrs. a day 5 times a week….. I know playing for oneself is pretty easy compared to “Performing” but even a missed chord can hurt.

      But I learn more secrets every day…….

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      Three months after left hand surgery, I’m almost 100%, god love Ted’s Pain Creme……a life saver

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      Matt Hayden

      Heh.  this last weekend I spent a couple of hours at our local watering-hole/restaurant making noise again.  The muscles are coming back…..

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      Got our second real gig this weekend – I was enjoying the playing so much, I didn’t notice the hand pain until after we ended and had to pack everything up and load it up. Hard to say if its gonna be like this more often, or if I’ll build up more strength and have less pain with more playing. I think what I really noticed is that when we practice, we can take breaks frequently as we talk about changes or modifications to what we’re playing, and its a time to “shake out” my hands and rub the joints a bit, which we don’t have when we just keep playing for an audience –

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