anybody know anything about a Pickaso?

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      This looks beyond cool, anybody know anything about it?

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      I saw that some time ago…..first thought was ‘How Cool”…..then realized that Maestro Hoover has spent 45 years designing string that were meant to be “Picked”. and if I want to learn to use a bow ,I’ll get me a Fiddle.

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      Nope, don’t know a thing about that thing.  Maybe a new angle for schredders.  Bet it would sound outrageous with my old wha wha pedal.  hee

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      Matt Hayden

      Looks interesting, but an ebow was my go to for that kind of sustain back before I built a guitar with a Fernandes Sustainer in it.

      ….and now I want to put a sustainer in one of the acoustics….it’d be like combining the new bow with an ebow and a shred box, kind of like the Moog VO-96 acoustic synthesizer, which I got to try some years ago:




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