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      I have been wanting to learn the “Bossa Nova” sound for a long time now. It was my mothers favorite music back in the “60s’ and Brazil 66 was an album I always thought was just Sexy as hell.

      So I looked up some Bossa songs on “the ultimate guitar” and started in…….just did not sound right.

      I emailed Matt Hayden and asked how he might approach……This was like putting a match to a stick of dynamite and throwing it into an overhanging cornice over an avalanche chute at Alta Utah.

      The cascade of music theory was a bit overwhelming.

      Matt was gracious enough to set up an internet video meet and then sent me PAGES of music theory, exercises, major, minor and dominate chord patterns for me to practice …….It will take me days to do.

      I want to let Y’all know how Stone Real it is to have a player with Matt’s expertise explain to me how, why and when a chord, a rhythm, a fingering ,a voice should be done.

      His favorite expression was “Eric(Skye) does this a lot.”

      Then We were interupted by his cat…….who Matt put into a trance by playing a few bars of T.Monk jazz…..I’m not kidding.

      Many thanks Matt……I’ll never decode all that you introduced me to….I’m just a self taught front porch picker….but you Sir are a master.


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      I love it when you guys work together and share knowledge, it’s a rather unusual forum in that everyone is cool, helpful and really love guitar…Thanks Matt!!!! You Rock Hard

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      Matt Hayden

      Hank – you’re too kind, thank you very much.

      You’re a quick study, more than you know, and you’ll be on top of this stuff tout suite.

      I can’t wait to hear you comping on standard’s behind Dee’s voice…..that’ll be a treat.


      Sharing music is the best thing – both people, student and teacher, come away with something good.

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