Am I the only one here with a Santa Cruz “RS”???

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      Silly Moustache

      I heard from someone at SCGC some tme ago that a very small number have been made.

      I love mine – show us yours!




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      I had one for a while, it was like a cello, amazing guitars, I had a sick dog and it paid part of the bills, would love to get it back

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      Acoustic Soul

      It’s actually over time because nearly the only model I’m super super interested in and my next model will be that after having an H 13 and OM Grand, just couldn’t feel enough air movement off either one, not big enough of a sound and I don’t like square shoulders much … the RS is really a sweet spot for me and based on my experience something santa cruz must do really well if the VS and my experience are any indications

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      Matt Hayden

      They have a lot of thump in the bass for alternating-bass fingerpicking.

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      I looked at a used one years ago, and loved it but couldn’t pull the cash together – we had eric do a piece on Indexless’ guitar which is on a CD he released but isn’t on his website – maybe he’ll let us put some of the audio up?  i’d be pretty excited to see another one!

      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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      Silly Moustache

      Thanks for the comments so far – more welcomed – I have a 2012 build – originally at Northern Lights in Littleton NH from 2012 to 2014 – when someone bought it and pretty soon decided that the 5″ depth didn’t get on with his left shoulder, so put it on US Ebay. I convinced him to send it to me in the UK, ajd all was fine.

      It hasn’t been a performing guitar for me and has taken a longtime to open up but in the last few months it seems to have opened up well.

      I have to feel string to take it out because of the Ameritage case!

      Mine is sitka over hog, which is fine -but I’d love to play one with adi/EIR!



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