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      Song – Old Dog Blue

      Please listen to this……and share a bit of the loss that a friend is feeling tonight.

      Fair Winds Big Mon.

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      Zorro….thanks….yes I lost my 7 year old Great Dane today…a very hard day, he was my soul mate……taught me so much, but he wasn’t well and he couldn’t breath anymore, it’s been a very intense week with Covid19 in our lives…my wife has spent many hours in front of the vet, not being allowed to go inside..in our Sienna waiting for information, with me texting every 10 minutes….geez

      In the mean time, I’ve been trying to keep everything normal at home with our 10 year old girl Great Dane, it’s been a battle, last night when we admitted him to the ER we sat together in the dark at 10:30 talking to each other about how we really feel about what was happening in front of us, it was about 46 degrees outside,

      the night before Wendi had sat there for 4 hours, used the seat heater and then needed to call AAA, yes quite an adventure.

      What I have learned through the pain is that science matters, we need to be present in every moment of our lives and celebrate not only the success’s but also the heartache

      to the forum…sorry if this is TMI…I thank you all for listening and allowing me grief

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      I’m very sorry. It is a real gut punch. It’s difficult to watch your buddy suffer and breathing issues are very tough to deal with. The COVID situation really adds to the misery. Every day will lead out of the fog a little more. You know the deal when you get them, but it’s never easy. I wish you and Wendi peace.

      – Paul –

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      So sorry to hear, over the years I know how it feels more than I want to say. My little buddy ‘Bert’ passed away Nov 14. Like yours, he was a dogs dog and my best friend to the end. He was a Jack Russell/Basenji mix. We had 9 glorious years together, nothing can ever take the place of his spirit.  He and I were a duet:

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      Matt Hayden

      So sorry to hear.  They’re wonderful friends and they don’t last long enough.

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      Thought this might be appropriate.  In memory of my long gone but never forgotten best friends, I have their names engraved on a few of my Blue Chip picks.  (by accident I gave away my ‘Lucille’ pick)  The memories are always right there every day and the love goes on forever.  bert

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      Way cool idea Bert…I’m in

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