A rare night in S.W. Fl.

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    Cold front passed through today and dropped the H20 % to around 35%.
    Took the Ramuda out of the corral and let them graze on the dry air…I hydrated on a bottle of good california Red.
    Played each of the guitars for about a 1/2 hour each…..lots of ” Deadhead” and S.O.C. pickin.
    Low humidity and 1/4 moon over the Gulf + 1 Martin and 4 SCs make for a ZORRO night ride !
    Wish Y’All could have been here to Jam

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    Chris aka digdog

    Might have to take you up on that when ever I ride the rails to visit my brother in Savanah someday soon/spring

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    Wet wet wet here in Picardie.  Dehumidifier humming in the background.  Instruments tucked up in their cases.  Heaters on to a significant setting.

    Practiced new material with my guitar player, Julien, last night in the Cave.  A bit cold as the night wore on and the heater just did not have the power to fight the drafts.

    I would relish some time in a warmer climate.  I’ll bring some French wine.  😉

    California vintners produce some good stuff.  When I lived in California I drank it on special occasions or when we went wine tasting in Sonoma or Napa.  I have since tasted what we lovingly call ‘Papa’s Plonk’, a common table Bordeaux that my father-in-law buys by the shipping box and bottles for later consumption.  I can say confidently I shall not miss California wine.

    Daniel (paying existential dues for living the good life in France)

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