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      Lightning, thunder and hail in Santa Cruz, Covid-19 and the first day of Spring… hallelujah, we’re alive!

      …and we suffer together too. Everyone we love is threatened by a microscopic, yet global presence. Corona Virulence is without malice, but still impossibly deadly.  This post-apocalyptic science fiction script amplifies the worst of our selfish impulses, though, thank God, the contrast of selfless acts of compassion by others inspire us to do the same.  Consideration is contagious.  Love is more virulent than microbes. Pass it on!

      The State of California graced us all with a mandate to go home and stay there. As a “non-essential” business entity, Santa Cruz Guitar Company can’t be in the shop for guitar making until further notice. We are still available to you via email at scgc@santacruzguitar.com, and welcome any inquiries about past, present or future guitars during this temporary hiatus. For those of you with the time and means, we encourage you to support your local guitar shop, and consider purchasing an instrument of any make or value, to ensure their indispensable doors can reopen without hesitation once the storm clouds clear.

      Paraphrasing Gilbert Shelton, “Goodwill will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no goodwill.” The wisdom here is that in times of crisis, our real bank account is the goodwill of others. We have built ours from the accumulation of many acts of ordinary kindness. Selfish actions are the human condition and aren’t ever forgotten by the ones we deprive. Conversely, the simplest acts of selfless caring instill an everlasting resonance in others.  We always get back more love than we give by extending kindness to the ones who often annoy us the most.

      This is simply the law of gravity. What we fling up in the air will come down upon our heads. SCGC doesn’t succeed just because our luthiers build exceptional instruments. Our success is in direct proportion to how we have treated others, and how others have returned that kindness to us. It’s our formula for success and our strategy for adversity.  SCGC has dodged a lot of otherwise fatal bullets over our 43 years because of its resilient, rather than hard, heart.

      It is in this spirit that we will best serve each other through these most challenging days. I am thoroughly grateful for your continued support, as well as the most conscientious and effective crew a well-worn luthier like me could ever hope for!

      Please be kind to one another and wash your hands!

      All my best to you and yours,
      Richard Hoover
      Santa Cruz Guitar Company

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