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      A couple of nights ago Dee and I were visited by MaryAnn Austin.

      Some of you old timers here will remember Alex64. He was a huge contributor to our “Old’ Forum. He was a great influence on me regarding SCGC guitars and recorded some wonderful songs with Dee playing both his SC VS and VJ.

      Alex passed some  years ago from Prostate Cancer but not before leaving a wonderful musical legacy in the N.E. Florida music scene.

      Dee and I attended his last public concert in St. Augustine and it was a sold out event.

      MaryAnn ,who’s is a wonderful picker and singer, played with him for the last song of the set. ‘Pancho and Lefty” if i remember right.

      She has moved on with her life and has a new friend who is a very good guy and encouraged us to play some of Alex’s music and jam for several hours. There were laughs and tears and truth and wine and tequilla…all in all a wonderful evening.

      It brought to mind many of the “old’ Forum signatures like “Magwa” and “Strings” and so many others that were instrumental in my growth of appreciation of all things SCGC.

      If Y’all know where they are , let them know how much we would like to have then rejoin us.

      As I get “older” I appreciate what was and miss those times…..So I play the Ramuda more …..and think of the Horizon .

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      Matt Hayden

      Play the remuda and remember Alex ad friendship and good music.

      It’s the best way to remember him.   And you’re making more memories for the future 🙂


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