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      Our rainy season has begun here in S.W. Florida and I am spending even more time with my SCGC Ramuda.
      Instead of my usual Stream of Conscience diddling, I have been playing full songs and “Making Them My Own”.
      I have come to realize that, though I am only a mediocre player, The Santa Cruz instruments have allowed me to develop a style that emphasizes individual notes and harmonics that I had never been able to create before I started playing Mr. Hoovers guitars.
      Rather than just play rhythm and up,down, up ,down strumming I now search out alternate chord positions up the neck and allow the guitar to sing and hold a note. The sustain and clarity of the guitars has made me a more interesting picker and allowed me to think that maybe …just maybe.. that I might be getting the hang of this. At least in my own way.
      The wonder of the Santa Cruz guitars are that they make me happy with my playing and make me reach a bit higher and be more curious as I try to make music in my own way.
      Or perhaps it is just age ?
      Thanks Richard and all at SCGC.

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      I agree. SCGC provide inspiration, beauty and enjoyment in many forms.

      – Paul –

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      Frozen Rat

      Each guitar I have inspires something unique in me. This is something that comes when you can hear and appreciate the different tones each guitar produces. It’s also a joy to find something new a particular guitar excels at. And SCGC guitars are particularly adept at inspiring improvisation. Have you tried a variety of alt. tunings too?

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