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      As much as I wish I could send everyone a holiday gift, its not something I can do – but I am trying to go close to half-way there –  a special, unauthorized, limited edition guitar pick, just for forum members –

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      The artwork is by my son, who is just getting his website off the ground –  MalArtKey.com  – (shameless intentional plug) –  I had a short run of these picks made up, specifically for people on the forum, as a thank you and a keepsake, and to help celebrate the end of 2020.

      Until the end of the year (or until supplies run out!)  if you put your name and address on an envelope with a stamp on it, put that inside another envelope and mail it to me, I will put a couple picks into your envelope and drop it in the local mailbox, in hopes it finds its way back to you –  that’s as much as I can guarantee –

      This is really just for Santa Cruz members, so please don’t spread it around –

      Send your self-addressed, stamped envelope to me –

      Tad / SCGCPF Pick offer  –  PO Box 5663  –  Berkeley, CA  94705

      So, if Santa didn’t leave you what you really wanted, maybe a couple of these will make your holidays brighter!  Everyone have a safe and happy holiday, please extend a little extra to those in need, forgive a little more than you normally would, and try to keep thinking positive!


      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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      That is a COOL ONE   Tad.  Love tortex. And of course the IMAGE!!

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      Matt Hayden

      I’ll be sending you an envelope – and post more about your son’s business.


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      I’ll support your sons efforts however I can. Please send those picks to whoever can use them.

      I hope that there are some Vets who can use them.

      I’m a thumb pick guy…..so I’m looking forward to the coffee mugs.

      I have a connection to a great company called “Black Rifle Coffee” would love to introduce your sons art to them.


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      That looks great.  Appreciate the kindness, will send my envelope soon.  Take care!

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      Thanks!  I think my sons work is exceptional, but I acknowledge that I might be a little biased –

      his website is  –   <b><u>Malartkey.com </u></b>  –   and it has a number of pins and such that he’s designed and had made. He’s just now trying to get into other products and also into doing design work for other people, but the business side of things is a bit more challenging for him than the artwork – I keep wanting to jump in and help him with stuff, but he has his own process and it’s important that he work through it all and figure it out for himself. I recall my dad wanting to help me with my first business, but I had to make all my own mistakes and learn it for myself, so I am trying to give him that same space – but it’s equally challenging for both of us, I think –

      Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav

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